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Privacy Policy (To Protect Your Personal Information)

GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. considers it is a social responsibility to properly manage and protect your personal information. Your personal information collected will be handled duly following the privacy policy, and we will make sure to keep the efforts for the protection.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information includes the information to help identifying a specific person such as;

  • Personally identifiable information including a name, age, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number, mailing address, or occupation, and
  • The information alone does not enable identifying a specific person, but it can easily be verified with other information which as a result allow identifying the relevant person.

2. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

The website collects your personal information only if you agree to provide the information, so unless you agree to provide no collection is made.

GEOLIFE Co., Ltd complies with the personal information protection law, and your personal information is used within the limit of the following;

  1. To answer or respond to your questions or requests, and
  2. To deliver information of events, seminars, campaigns and so on.

3. GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. Does Not Disclose or Share With Any Third Party Except That The Personal Information Submitted Is Applicable To The Following Cases;

  1. your questions or requests are properly answered or responded;
  2. the contractual obligation with a client is maintained;
  3. your expressed agreement is made;
  4. disclosure of the information is not associated with a client’s identifiable attribution;
  5. it is considered necessary to disclose as per the legislation, administrative guidance, or the government order, indication or assistance request; and
  6. a justifiable reason is found.

4. Personal Information Protection

Necessary security measurement for information control is used to protect against unauthorized access to, and leakage, loss or unauthorized use of your personal information.

5. Validation And Correction And Deletion To Your Personal Information

When a validation, correction, and/or deletion of the contents of a client’s personal information entered is requested, only if the client’s identity is verified, it is responded in the appropriate and reasonable manner.

6. Scope Of The Privacy Policy Application

This privacy policy is only applicable within the range of this website, and the privacy policy associated with the hyperlinked websites are outside of our responsibility. It is your responsibility to check with the articles of the privacy policy of the hyperlinked websites.

7. Change of The Privacy Policy

The privacy policy may be changed without notice for improvement or following a change, if any, of the applicable law and other regulations or the internet environment.


December 1,2005
Yoshito Inoue, CEO

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