GEOLIFE Basement Isn’t Damp.

The Quality RC keeps out water.

It is only with the DeMesh Method which permits the RC structure itself water-tightness, so that GEOLIFE’s clean record of no complaint against flooding is maintained.

GEOLIFE Basement is doubly waterproofed since RC structure itself is watertight, and the unique external water-protection of the special asphalt rubber coating is applied which includes the proprietary spraying process developed by GEOLIFE Co., Ltd.

Strength of the DeMesh Method developed based on the state of the art technology of the General Contractor is verified through actual application to more than 250 basements. Because GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. is experienced, the clients are assured with 10 year guarantee for water-protection.

*GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. built 50 basements applied with the traditional RC construction method in addition to those applied with the DeMesh Method.

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The Basement With Musty Odor Is Obsolete.

GEOLIFE Basement is coated with the sprayed hard Urethane Foam adding high insulation property and is furnished with dehumidifier defined in the standard equipment. Thus there is no concern for condensation. A dehumidifier is critical because in a typical Japanese summer day, external air with high humidity trapped in the induction area can result in excessive moisture, or until concrete is fully cured excessive water content in concrete keeps evaporating. Without condensation mold and mites don’t appear.

The dehumidifier, with an areaway (gravitational drainage into the areaway drainage pit)

The automatic dehumidifier/drainage system, without an areaway (GEOLIFE proprietary system)

Airtightness of a basement can be made use of, and you can actively control the climate of the basement for storing or manufacturing. A good example of application is a wine cellar.

Now that humidity can be controlled, the idea previously denied, such as a basement library or gallery, is feasible.

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10 Year Guarantee For Condensation Administering Perfect Insulation And Condensation Prevention

Condensation Formation And The Damage

The higher the air temperature is the more vapour it can carry, the temperature at which certain volume of vapour in the air is saturated (i.e. reaches the maximum volume the air can hold) is called the dew point. Condensation takes place when the vapour in the atmosphere contacts with the wall or member at the lower temperature than the dew point, the vapour changes the phase to water droplets and adheres to the surface. Temporary condensation itself is not a concern, but when the droplets persist without evaporation, and form repeatedly on the same spot, then it can taint the room or result in mold growth. Thus condensation prevention may be considered equal to mold prevention.

Difference Of Above Grade and Below Grade Condensation

The above grade can be exposed to condensation in the winter time whereas the basement in the summer time. It is because a basement is cool in summer and warm in winter. If summer atmosphere with high temperature and high humidity enters a basement, it will culminate in condensation as the temperature below grade is 5 to 7 degrees lower than above grade. Therefore in summer one of the condensation solution is to keep hot and humid outside air from entering the basement. GEOLIFE Basement is standardly furnished with a dehumidifier with automatic drainage to control humidity increased associated with the excessive humidity of the atmosphere entered from outside and the surplus water content in the concrete structure.

Condensation Prevention In A Basement

It is regardless of above grade or below grade, that reinforced concrete or steel frame construction has a weakness that is more prone to condensation than wooden construction since the wall, floor, and ceiling tightly contain (there is little air permeability) . However, tight containment permits more strength including heat insulation, airtightness, and sound insulation. The weakness needs to be supplemented through appropriate condensation prevention.

  1. Wall-to-wall insulation is applied. The temperature gap between the construction member such as wall and the room temperature is minimized. Condensation is expected on the exposed concrete.
  2. Entry of hot and humid outside atmosphere is minimized. The basement air is not kept hot or humid, and the humidity is kept no more than 60%. A dehumidifier is furnished.
  3. Air flow is not stopped in a basement. Sufficient ventilation or air circulation is factored in.

Regardless of above grade or below grade either of above consideration must be taken. As for 1 above a basement is far more effective than above grade. Because a basement is covered with indefinite thickness of earth : the natural insulation. Therefore in GEOLIFE basement the client doesn’t experience the condensation experienced on the north-side wall of a concrete apartment in the Japanese winter time. 2 and 3 above need to be factored in at planning of a home.

Because GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. is the basement expert team they are deliverable, and 10 year guarantee for condensation is provided.

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