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Adding Below Grade And Above Grade Plans Can’t Deliver The Benefit of A Basement To The Fullest Extent!

TConsolidated Planning Offers Comfortable Home.

After completion of above grade planning, the below grade is often additionally planned. GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. believes that this approach wouldn’t offer the benefit of a basement to the fullest extent, and it could be equivalent to delivering less cost performing basement to the client.

If a home with basement is designed as per the consolidated planning;

It gives additional strength to the home,
It offers human-friendly comfortable space,
It allows more space,
Larger yard is allowed, and the lot is effectively used.,
The ultimate green home is achieved,
It is an well sealed home,
The domestic traffic line is minimized,
The maintenance cost is minimized,
The workplace could be minimum distance away, and
The total construction cost is minimized.

When a basement and above grades are planned in a package, there are so many benefits. A basement is still not common. GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. recommends a home with a basement planned based on the consolidated planning as a team of professionals committed mainly to the design and construction. Please feel free to consult with us.

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