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Do you have the stereotype image of a basement being dark and closed?

The open impression is similar to that on the ground.

The areaway would bring you the sense of openness so that you might get delusion it was the living room on the ground with a large window. With a spot garden created in the areaway, it would not be a dream to enjoy a feel of soaking in the outdoor bathtub looking up at the starry sky.

Even without the areaway, with the top light added, the stylish sunny space would be entertained. The light from right above is felt brighter than you can imagine.

The basement can be built on the stilt (i.e. The basement is raised about 1 meter on the ground.), and the normal window may be opened. In this case you can have a view outside from the floor raised on the ground, and additional benefit is cost reduction in the foundation construction and excavation work.

Eye catching garden can be created depending on your idea.

What is an areaway?

An areaway surrounds the exterior wall of the basement designed comprehensively with the basement, and it is a space similar to a trench- without a roof or a ceiling.

On the condition that the basement is embedded in the ground, without the opening to the outside atmosphere, the dry area plays an important role for ventilation, natural lighting, emergency path and so on.

Until the construction standard law is revised in June, 2000, that a basement may only be legitimately used for the purpose of living space by way of associating oversized areaway larger than required measurement. Now that the law is revised a basement can be legally used as a living space as long as being equipped with proper ventilation and dehumidifier facilities. However the advantage of associating areaway is extensive, so it is well recommended to include it provided that there is enough space.

Because the areaway is not covered with a roof and a ceiling, it may not be added to the floor area, and it may not be added to the aggregated building area if the height of the raised part of the exterior walls is less than 1 meter from the ground.

Areaway can accommodate a complete RC stairs so that the basement is accessible.
With a special decoration the space would be a spot garden, where you could enjoy gardening.

The window cut out to the areaway can offer such an openness.

Such a small window by the ceiling allows the sun shining through without artificial lighting .

The sunlight coming through the grading of the 1st floor adds fantastic and charming nuance.

The 1st floor of the glass blocks allows skylight. .
The stained glass is applied and the sunlight continues to come through.

The living room and the office (with a kitchen facility) : with artificial lighting

Even without artificial lighting (The natural light offers enough brightness.)

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