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Do you think any contractor can build a basement?

Do you think any home builder or a construction company can build a basement?

It is prerequisite for residential basement building that specialized architectural technology as well as advanced civil engineering are applied.

If you have already started a discussion with a home builder or a designer, please ask the basement building process or basement experience as follows.

Question 1 to a home builder 

Q: What process do you apply to build a basement?

A: There is no problem as basement building is assigned to a reliable partner.

Please ask if the partner is supported by the specialist of RC or ground foundation so that the knowhow to build a good basement is available.

The Question To Local Builder or Construction Company

Q: Is a specific basement construction process applied?

A: There is no problem as basement design is assigned to a reliable designer and construction is delivered in accordance with the plan.

The quality basement free from water damage can’t be built, if the same approach as the above grade construction process is applied  Please confirm what is the construction process to be applied specifically for a basement.

The Question To An Architect

Q: What is the special consideration to design a basement?

A: There is no problem once waterproofing is properly in place and a reliable subcontractor is assigned.

A basement needs special consideration for waterproofing, moistureproofing , ventilation and etc. Without them a quality basement free from condensation can’t be completed.  Please confirm what is the special consideration to be applied to design a basement.


Water leakage may temporarily stop through cutting off water, yet there is still a concern when the next leakage may occur from the vulnerable part of structure.

Some of the contractors do not have basement construction experience and knowhow, so they have too many contingencies during estimation.  Thus they may deliver overpriced estimate.

Or otherwise they may unknowingly underprice the estimate leaving many factors behind.  As a result the actual building faces budget overrun, and without additional construction cost devised the basement quality may be compromised.  Home purchase is a costly shopping, so failure is not an option.  However it is a fact that quite a few home owners, after completion of construction,  consult such a problem like this.

It is short before delivery to a client, but there is a crack on the wall allowing water to seep into, additional leakage is observed at the bottom of the wall, and the floor is flooded.

Leakage starts from tieholes  and at the bottom of the walls.

GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. specializes in basement construction, and the knowhow has been accumulated. So the experts are able to answer appropriately to these questions and issues.  GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and building in situ RC basement.  It is the first in class with experience ( completed about 250 basements) .  Trust GEOLIFE for home building. 

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Are you aware? The Knowledge Base Of A Basement Is Expanded.

Added space of a basement can offer added cost benefit.

Note; It is a basement.

“I want a basement however small it may be, I want it to enjoy myself. ” you may feel, but such a small basement is least cost effective.  When a basement and above grade are planned comprehensively, the unit price per a tsubo (i.e.3.3 square meter) of a basement can be similar to above grade construction, so your total construction budget can be met.  It is an advantage of a basement that almost no maintenance cost will be required.

GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. encourages to build a cost performing home with more spacious basement

A Basement Serves For Limitless Purposes

Note; It is a basement.

A basement can associate a toilet, a bathroom or a kitchen.  A basement can be a living room or a Japanese-style room.  GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. delivered, taking advantages of the properties,  basements used as a home theater, audio room, music studio, tea room, meditation room, dance practice room, dance hall, fitness room, baseball batting practice room, golf practice room, wine cellar, library, study room, DIY room, atelier, gallery, garage and others.  Creativity allows limitless applications. 

“A basement is limitless.  Let’s make well use of a basement!”  GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. believes in it.

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A Basement Is Open To The Natural Light.

Note; It is a basement.

Do you think a basement is closed without the sunlight?  You are misunderstood.
The sunlight shines through the dry area or the garret window.
The stained glass installed in the top suppresses the sunlight gently.
The top ceiling is open down to the basement and there is a spot garden  
Your knowledge base of a basement is drastically expanded.

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GEOLIFE Basement Isn’t Damp.

Note; It is a basement.

So long as a basement is properly designed, built, and used, it surely will be the most comfortable space at home.  The temperature and humidity in a basement is kept less variable throughout the year.  The sound insulation property cuts outside noise and contains inside sound and strength against earthquake is added.  The RC structure and the natural material-namely earth- improve energy saving, air tightness and disaster preparedness.

GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. believes, “ If a basement is only used as a storage room or pantry, a lot of value is lost.”

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Consolidated Planning Of A Basement And Above Grade Home Can Offer Superb Value

Note; It is a basement.

Consolidated planning of a basement and above grade can minimize the total construction cost.  When the basement and above grade is planned comprehensively, there are so much added value.  A basement is not yet common in Japan.  But comprehensive planning of a home associating a basement is recommended, as GEOLIFE Co., a team of experts designing and building  basements
Please casually contact us for consultation.

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