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The professional team of a basement and home building answer your questions!

GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. has accumulated extensive know-hows through the experiences of building special homes with basement features. GEOLIFE loves home designing and building taking the modern needs into consideration as well as the clients’ living traffic stream and lifestyle.
“Can it be feasible?”
“It is the room of my dream, but….
“It is the idea denied by another contractor…”
GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. is open to such issues. GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. can help you to make your dream come true. When it comes to a basement and a special space, the professional team of GEOLIFE is reliable!
GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. makes a difference with the proprietary basement technology leading the industry based on the accumulated experience to create your special lifestyle.

 Inquiry form for Design Offices and Contractors;It is the inquiry form for a design office and a contractor.
 The privacy policy of GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. is complied.

Inquiry Form (For Individual customers)

Please contact for your inquiry on a basement, building etc.
It is not intended for excessive sales activity. Please enter your concern or issue.
The fields with * are mandatory fields to be entered. Please make sure them filled. Unless they are filled, the request or question may not be responded.

Inquiry Question on a basement (a general question)
Estimate/Request (if you are considering a basement construction project)
Present Address eg.)111-0011
Address of the planned construction site *
*City, Ward, Town, Village:
Telephone eg.)03-3333-3333
FAX eg.)03-3333-3333
E-mail address* eg.)
I wish to get the response through e-mail
GEOLIFE’s visiting me or
my visiting GEOLIFE
Document request The Pamphlet
The Technical Document and Company Profile
The Construction Record
The Photo Album of GEOLIFE Construction

Note) The document delivery may be limited to the scope of the areas where
GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. is able to initiate the construction plan.
The scope of the service areas:
Municipality of Tokyo, East Kanagawa Prefecture, South Saitama Prefecture,
and West Chiba Prefecture

*More than one option may be selected.
The Questions
Is your basement construction plan specific* Yes. There is a specific construction plan.
No. There is no specific construction plan.
Yes. I am considering the plan.
I am technically interested.
Other reasons

*More than one option may be selected.
I am interested in GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. because of The proprietary technology and technical development
The project engineering and management capability
The planning and designing capability
The comprehensive flexibility
The project experience
The historical record of GEOLIFE Co., Ltd.
The web site contents and

*More than one option may be selected.

Please enter the following questionnaire .
The information helps to deliver more specific answer to you.

The family of persons
The subdivision is [ rented / owned  / planned to be purchased ].
Construction I am currently considering.
I am looking for a contractor.
I started the specific discussion.
The name of the contractor:
I started the specific discussions with multiple contractors.
The names of the contractors:

It is in the design stage.
The name of the contractor:

*More than one option may be selected.
A basement It is a “must have”.
It is a “nice to have” if it is within the budget.
It is a “nice to have” if I like it.
The Scope of GEOLIFE’s Work I want to request GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. the comprehensive home building project inclusive of a basement end to end starting from the planning stage.
I want to request GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. the project dedicated to a basement involving designing and building.
I want to request GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. just to build a basement.
The reason to request GEOLIFE Co., Ltd.
Others The construction site area: approx. sqft
The total floor size: approx. sqft
The area of the basement: approx. sqft
Planned time of groundbreaking:

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