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The company name explains that our focus is on a basement.

We are the venture business continuing to be innovative in home building with the state of the art technology available with the general contractor.

Name of company GEOLIFE Co., Ltd.
Meaning: GEO(earth) + Life
Address 2nd floor Nakane Building,
3-22-2 Sasazuka,
Tokyo Japan 151-0073
Please click here for the detailed map. 
TEL 03-5308-5205
FAX 03-5308-5206
Business Hours week days 9:00-18:00
Holidays: Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
Amount of Capital JPN\30,000,000.-
Main Service Area Tokyo, East Kanagawa, South Saitama, West Chiba and other sites negotiable

※Currently the scope of designing and building of a basement etc. is within the area of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba.
It is because we consider availability of experienced contractor and frequent visit of supervisor are essential for building a RC basement.

Company History

May, 1994 Based on the innovation of Yoshito Inoue (the current CEO), Kumagai Gumi Group and Three U Co., Ltd. (Steel Basement Builder) initiated the R&D activities on high quality and low cost RC concrete basement building method (DeMesh Method).
June, 1994 The building code was relaxed, and the provision excluded the basement area in FAR (i.e. Floor Area Rate) calculation of a single family house. A basement project is easier to implement, and the benefits are added.
May, 1995 The newly developed DeMesh Method was implemented in the test site in Technical Research Center, where a basement of 24 square ft. was built. Based on the data collected R&D is continued for improvement.
5 patents were applied, and 2 patents have been furnished.
April,1996 The order for MT’s basement (42 square ft.) was placed, and the basement in Koganei, City, Tokyo was built as per DeMesh Method.
February, 1997 The Building &Housing Center of Japan evaluated and approved (individually) DeMesh Method of industrial housing performance standard.
April, 1997 As the first in-house venture business of Kumagai Gumi, GEOLIFE (led by Inoue) was started as a builder of a basement for a single family house.
The trade name of GEOLIFE was registered as the basement product name.
July, 1997 – March, 2001 As one of the group companies of Kumagai Gumi, GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. constructed more than 80 basements as a partner of leading house builders.
April, 2001 GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. began its operation independently from Kumagai Gumi, and the basement builder business was transferred from Chikashitu Kumagai with all the rights including patents, the trademark and the goodwill granted.
June, 2001 The 3 story wooden aboveground with a basement for a living room/gallery (MU’s house) was designed and constructed by GEOLIFE Co., Ltd.
It was later appeared on the “Comfort” magazine : the Interior Magazine as “The See Through House.” It was also expressed as the masterpiece in the book “My Little House To Build With An Architect” written by Kaoru Sugimoto.
February, 2003 The Architecture technical magazine, “Architecture Expertise” February edition published the article, “ABSOLUTELY No Leak No Condensation, Correct Basement Design, The Most Powerful Manual” written by GEOLIFE Co., Ltd., and the follow-up articles were also carried.
May, 2005 “Basement Design and Construction Manual” published by Shin Nihon Hoki Shuppan was co-authored and co-edited by GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. as one of the members of the Basement Design, Build and Study Group.
August, 2005 In collaboration with Professor Watanabe’s team, Architecture course, Department of Science and Engineering, Waseda University the project, “the pilot house 2005: the house strong against urban disasters” was implemented, where DeMesh Method was applied to the entire RC house of 2 story above ground and a basement.
December, 2009 GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. built more than 300 basements, and found the position as the special construction company of a basement and a single family home with a basement.
September, 2010 Construction of proprietary exterior insulation method applied RC house was started which include 2 story above ground and a basement built as per DeMesh Method.

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I am happy when I see you smile.

Yoshito Inoue: CEO of GEOLIFE Co., a licenced;
Consulting Engineer (Specializing in Soil and Foundation in Construction),
Concrete Engineer,
Prestressed Concrete Engineer,
First-Class Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer,
First-Class Road Pavement Supervisor,
And etc.

I was one of civil engineers of Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. for about 20 years, when I was involved with surveying, designing, building, and technical development of the construction projects for tunnel, underground structures, bridges, roads. I feel fortunate that I took part in the major projects indicated on maps such as the bridge connecting the Honshu and Shikoku Islands, the high speed ways and the railways and “the technical development program for the next generation”.

On the other hand I am involved with the charm of a basement, and it has been 17 years since I started R&D activities of a basement. I walked from the world of civil engineering to the world of single family house building. The basements are designed and built for the home owners, and whose happy expression on the faces show how happy they are with our jobs. I was overwhelmed at the outset. Then I was carried away, and felt extremely happy for being an engineer. Since then I have been dedicated myself to this work to see clients smile.

Civil engineering is essential to construct an underground structure in different ground conditions. 

But I noticed there is a difference between civil engineering and architecture. In the architecture completed daily life is lead influenced by the internal environment in the good and bad ways. Civil engineering doesn’t include the technique to deliver the environment.

Because of this architects and a civil engineer are committed from the very beginning of GEOLIFE Co., Ltd., and civil engineers and architects ran parallel to accumulate experience and knowledge. It is the unique style only possible with GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. interested in basement architecture inclusive of ground and foundation, which no other company can copy.

GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. can help you make your dream basement or house with a basement come true. The licensed professionals of GEOLLIFE Co., Ltd. apply the state of the art technology available with General Contractors and the accumulated basement construction knowhow to meet every needs to plan, design, build a basement or a house with a basement and discuss lifestyle.


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DeMesh Method is a patented method.

February,1997 TU’s residence (in the individually evaluation) was built as per DeMesh Method, and GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. applied the Building Center of Japan for industrial housing performance standard, which was approved. (BCJ-LC-446)
May, 2002 NK’s residence won the encouraging prize in architecture/culture of Chiba Prefecture. [In the section of environmentally friendly architecture]
May, 2005 DeMesh method received the patent with “connective structure of the RC basement member unit”
September, 2005 DeMesh method received the patent with “reinforced steel member and reinforced steel member unit”

Please click here for the details of DeMesh Method.

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The Published Books and Articles

GEOLIFE Co., Ltd. is a basement leader in the industry, and the basement technical information is published to the society.

Authoring books and magazines

“Architecture Expertise”
February, 2003, Ex-knowledge Publication
March, 2003, Ex-Knowledge Publication
The featured article;“ABSOLUTELY No Leak No Condensation, Correct Basement Design, The Most Powerful Manual”
“Architecture Expertise”
June, 2004 Ex-knowledge Publication
The featured article, “Double Water-Proofing Free From Water Damage, Basement 101, “Water Proofing Method and Material”
“Basement Design and Construction Manual” Edited by The Basement Design, Build and Study Group represented by Yoshio Higashikata ;
by Shin Nihon Hoki Shuppan;
May, 2005
“Architecture Expertise”
February, 2006. Ex-knowledge Publication
“Water Proofing, Product Information Bureau”
“Basement Solution to Water Leakage and Seepage”

GEOLIFE in Books and magazines

“New Architecture featuring single family homes”
January, 2000; Shin Kenchiku Sha Publication
Featuring [1:100 HOUSE] MG’s residence
August, 2000; Kenchiku Shiryo Kenkyuusha Publication
Featuring “Basement Design Key Point” :DeMesh Method
December, 2001; Kenchiku Shiryo Kenkyuusha Publication
Featuring “See Through House” MU’s residence
“A Woman’s Creative House Construction Project”
Authored by Kaoru Sugimoto, July, 2002
“My Little House To Build With An Architect”
Authored by Kaoru Sugimoto,June, 2004


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